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Mondello Park Fiesta Endurance 6 Hour Race

Fiesta 6 hour endurance Race Mondello - Michel Chester

Over 100 drivers made up 21 teams that participated in the Fiesta Endurance 6 hour race. The event took place on Sunday at midday and the winner took the chequered flag in the dark. The event was open to the public for the day, and it was well attended.

One name that caught the attention of the spectators and the media was Michael Fassbender, the well-known actor and sometimes race driver, who travelled to Ireland to drive a Siltex Safety Ford Fiesta Zetec against a horde of club and international racers. He partnered with former Grand Prix drivers David Kennedy and Tommy Byrne in a POB Motorsport run car, alongside newly crowned Siltex Safety Zetec champion Michael Barrable and his sons Peter and Rob, who have won this event twice before including the 2022 event.

Other notable names included LMP3 driver Lucca Allen, son of celebrity chef Rachel, who partnered with fellow sportscar racer Hampus Ericsson, brother of F1 driver Marcus. Experienced UK Racer David Meenan teamed up with Graeme Colfer and Matt Dunnion in the GCR car while GT4 star Alex Denning used to win the last two rounds of the championship a few weeks ago.

The race was supported by Circle K Ireland, and competitors were only allowed to use their milesPLUS fuel during qualifying and the race. The event was highly competitive, and the Rabbitt Brothers Racing team emerged victorious, followed by Team Barrable/POB Racing and LOH Old/New. This year's race was undoubtedly thrilling, and it was a great opportunity for motorsport fans to witness an exciting event.



POS - TEAM number / Team Name / DRIVERS 1 27 Rabbitt Brothers Racing - Barry Rabbitt / Shane Rabbitt / Keith Rabbitt 2 22 Team Barrable / POB Racing - Robert Barrable / Peter Barrable / Michael Barrable 3 2 LOH Old/New - David Maguire Jnr / Michael Cullen / David Maguire / Victor Cullen 4 32 Murray Motorsport - Eoin Murray / Eddie Peterson / Niall Murray 5 46 MCP Racing Tyre Brigade - Jordan Dempsey / Morgan Dempsey / Ulick Burke 6 13 Archer Motorsports - Andy Kavanagh / Billy White / Joe Courtney 7 42 - Alan Dawson / Jason O'Connell / Keith Dawson 8 95 Kellet Motorsport - Alastair Kellett / Chloe Kellett / William Kellett 9 121 Team Tommy Byrne / POB Racing - Tommy Byrne / David Kennedy / Michael Fassbender 10 69 Premature Acceleration - Max Hart / Codey Keogh / Kian O'Brien 11 3 Mika Lakkinen Talent - Alex Denning / Liam Denning / Chris Jones / Max Turley 12 55 Circus Animals - James Byrne / Richie Byrne / Keith Lenihan 13 61 Le Mans - Lucca Allen / Bob Cameron / Hampul Ericsson / Tony Gallagher 14 33 Global Racing - Cameron Fenton / Charlie Linnane / Richard Kearney / Peter Drennan 15 62 Woolspeed - Laura Hannon / Graham Carroll / Tom Woollard / Scott McGarry 16 31 Team Birrane - Greg Monks / Katie Skeens / Sam Peters / Josh Skeens 17 71 Rough not ready - Marc Mulhern / Aidan Kinsella / John Rock / Richie Conlon

For full results and more information have a look at Timings website HERE

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